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Do You Have Enough Personal Space? (03:41)


Randy and Jason Sklar ask New Yorkers for their thoughts on personal space. Jack Aiello demonstrates how Americans' idea of personal space differs from people in other countries. In addition to culture, age influences how closely people interact with one another.

Quantifying Personal Space (05:53)

The field of proxemics recognizes four zones to describe Americans' personal spaceā€”the intimate zone, personal zone, social zone, and public zone. Jay wears surveillance glasses in Central Park in order to record peoples' reactions as he enters their personal space.

Space Stats (02:22)

Randy and Jason describe how Americans maximize personal space on elevators, at urinals, and in cars.

Early 20th Century Square Footage (07:19)

The Sklar brothers ask New Yorkers how much personal face they have. At the Lower Eastside Tenement Museum, Randy and Jay learn how little space people had in typical apartment in the early 1900s.

The American Dream (05:04)

Levittown, New York was America's first suburb. A resident gives a tour of one of the houses in his neighborhood. Using assembly line production, a house was built every 16 minutes.

Average Modern American Home (02:25)

The Sklar brothers fill a modern home with the same furniture they used in Levittown to compare the difference in personal space

What Are Americans Storing? (06:04)

Randy and Jason visit a storage facility. Furniture is the most commonly stored item. Many people are storing items they no longer need or want.

Could You Downsize Your Space? (06:29)

The Sklar brothers meet with Derek "Deek" Diedricksen, author of "Humble Homes, Simple Shacks." They build a small house; it is 64 square feet, and cost under $2,000.

Space Stats and Summary (02:08)

Randy and Jason review the average living space of Americans in the early 1900s, how it has changed, and what it might look like in the future.

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Would you believe that if we all lived like Manhattanites the world population could fit into the state of Texas? But we are actually doing the opposite.

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