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Cracking Down on Big Business (06:20)


John D. Rockefeller defends himself in the case of United States v. Standard Oil Company et al. Henry Ford requests permission from the Association of Licensed Automobile Manufacturers (ALAM) to build the Model-A.

Battling ALAM (05:26)

Ford challenges Alexander Winton to a race. ALAM sues the Ford Motor Company for breach of patent.

United States v. Standard Oil Company (03:21)

Rockefeller claims his profitability is no greater than that of U.S. Steel. J.P. Morgan raises $40 billion dollars to construct the Panama Canal.

Industrial Superpower (04:19)

U.S. Steel, Standard Oil, and General Electric build empires through monopolies. The court deliberates on Rockefeller's fate.

Production Deliberation (04:05)

A panel of judges deliberates on whether the Model-A car can be manufactured. Ford continues to build automobiles, defying ALAM and devises the assembly line.

Court Verdicts (05:34)

A judge rules that Standard Oil is in violation of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act and is broken up into 36 companies. The court decides in favor of Henry Ford. The Model-T costs $825.

Innovators (04:30)

William Harley and Arthur Davidson begin to sell motorcycles. Milton Hershey mass produces chocolate. The middle class emerges; Rockefeller becomes the richest man in the world.

J.P. Morgan Dies (07:22)

Rockefeller and Carnegie compete in donating to philanthropic causes. The Rockefeller endowment holds a personal endowment of $1 million. World War I erupts. (Credits)

Credits: The New Machine (00:18)

Credits: The New Machine

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A young engineer named Henry Ford devises the plan for a gas-powered car. McKinley is assassinated and his VP Theodore Roosevelt takes office and quickly passes a series of regulations increasing oversight of American business.

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