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New York City, 1896 (03:40)


J.P. Morgan, Andrew Carnegie, and John D. Rockefeller create vast empires while other Americans struggle to survive. The average worker earns $1 a day. William Jennings Bryant promises equality for all.

New Presidential Candidate (05:45)

Morgan, Carnegie, and Rockefeller provide financial support for William McKinley. Bryant creates the first whistle-stop tour. Republicans coerce workers to vote for their candidate.

Election Results (04:29)

Carnegie, Rockefeller, and Morgan wait for the results of the presidential election; McKinley wins. Rockefeller decides to invest in steel and purchases an iron ore mine in Minnesota.

Steel Rivalry (05:21)

Carnegie's profits dwindle after Rockefeller begins to sell his iron ore. After months of negotiation, Carnegie agrees to purchase Rockefeller's mine.

Competition and Power (04:45)

Rockefeller and Carnegie amass large fortunes. Morgan decides to consolidate the steel industry by taking over Carnegie's company.

Convincing Carnegie (02:16)

Charles Schwab discovers that Carnegie will sell his steel company for $480 million dollars.

America's Richest Man (03:59)

Morgan agrees to purchase Carnegie's steel company for $480 million dollars. "U.S. Steel" dominates the industry for a hundred years.

New Politician (03:43)

Theodore Roosevelt became a national hero during the Spanish-American War. The governor begins to target monopolies. The country's richest men convince McKinley to add Roosevelt to his political ticket.

McKinley Re-elected (08:17)

Morgan and Rockefeller continue to expand their empires. Leon Czologosz loses his job and assassinates McKinley. Roosevelt becomes president of the United States and begins to disassemble trusts.

Credits: Taking the White House (00:41)

Credits: Taking the White House

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Taking the White House

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Vanderbilt, Rockefeller, Carnegie, and Morgan have gone unmonitored for decades, but American politicians are about to change that.

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