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Another Modern Marvel (05:20)


Thomas Edison develops the electric chair using George Westinghouse's alternating current generators. The inmate is roasted alive. J.P. Morgan's father demands he ends his financial dealings with the Edison Company.

Going National (05:04)

Entrepreneurs begin to build the world's largest power plant at Niagara Falls, capable of lighting the entire Northeast section of the United States. Julius Morgan dies in a carriage accident. Morgan asks Edison to prepare a bid to win the Niagara Power Station contract.

Eliminating the Competition (03:35)

Water will power turbines the size of houses, generating enough electricity for the entire Northeast section of the United States. George Westinghouse and Nikola Tesla see improvements in alternating current. Morgan launches a smear campaign in the hopes of triggering a massive sale of Westinghouse electric stocks.

Control of Alternating Current (04:05)

Tesla forgoes all claims to patents on alternating current in order to remain in business. Westinghouse Electric wins the contract to light World's Exposition in Chicago.

Electricity Goes National (04:07)

Westinghouse wins the contract for the Niagara Power Station. Morgan plots how to regain control of the electricity monopoly.

Intimidating the Competition (05:32)

Morgan forces Westinghouse to give Morgan the patents for alternating currents through threats. General Electric becomes one of the most powerful companies on Earth, consolidating the industry.

Expansion (03:19)

Morgan lends the Federal Government money to keep it from declaring bankruptcy. Rivals begin to see the banker as a threat.

Gasoline (04:03)

John D. Rockefeller hires a team of scientists to find a product to manufacture. Standard Oil implements internal combustion engine powered by gasoline to run its refineries. An outside threat arrives that could destroy capitalism.

Morganization (06:35)

Morgan restructures rival companies and imposes order in an industry through a monopoly for greater profits. The gap between the upper and lower classes grow. William Jennings Bryant vows to change capitalism.

Credits: Owning It All (00:13)

Credits: Owning It All

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With an investment from Morgan, the Edison Electric Company is created and begins wiring homes in New York. A rival, Nikola Tesla, soon emerges with a different technology for electric light.

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