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Johnstown Flood (05:04)


The South Fork Lake rises an inch every ten minutes. The Johnstown telegraph office ignores warnings to evacuate. The South Fork dam breaks.

Flood Aftermath (03:11)

Over 2,000 people lose their lives after the South Fork dam breaks. American Red Cross arrives to help victims. The South Fork Hunting and Fishing Club denies responsibility; Andrew Carnegie donates millions.

Carnegie Hall (04:59)

Carnegie listens to Peter Tchaikovsky's performance. John D. Rockefeller and Carnegie exchange Christmas gifts annually.

Business Rivalry (05:12)

Carnegie invests millions into a steel mill in Pennsylvania. Henry Frick cuts costs and lengthens work hours.

Steel Workers, Exhausted and Underpaid (03:07)

Carnegie remains in Scotland. Frick pushes the workers harder so he has steel stockpiled in case of a strike.

Workplace Accident (03:57)

A worker's death unites the workforce against management. Carnegie asserts his confidence in Frick's methods. Carnegie Steel vows to not increase wages or improve conditions.

Steel Strike (04:09)

Approximately 2,000 workers prevent Frick from bringing in replacements. The Pinkerton Detectives arrive to end the strike.

Homestead Standoff (06:07)

Steel production slowly stops. The Pinkerton Detectives fire on striking workers. The Pennsylvania governor sends in the state militia to restore control of the Homestead Steel Works to management.

Homestead Massacre (05:42)

Frick calls in mercenaries to regain control of the Homestead Steel Works. American reporters track down Carnegie in Scotland. An anarchist attempts to assassinate Frick.

Credits: Blood Is Spilled (00:42)

Credits: Blood Is Spilled

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Blood Is Spilled

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Carnegie hires a hatchet man, Henry Frick, to help him achieve his goal of besting Rockefellar. The partnership seems promising, but Carnegie does not know that Frick is running his factories far beyond capacity.

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