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Philadelphia, 1881 (03:57)


Scott dies, defeated by Rockefeller. Carnegie begins working for his mentor at the age of 12 to help his family survive.

St. Louis, Missouri, 1868 (03:58)

Scott believes in expanding the Pennsylvania Railroad westward and wants James Eads to build a rail bridge crossing the Mississippi River. Carnegie invests his entire savings into the project.

Undeterred by Production Obstacles (05:47)

Combining iron with carbon at over 2000 degrees makes steel. Carnegie invests his entire savings into making a bridge that spans the Mississippi River. Henry Bessemer invents a speedier way to make the alloy.

Expenses Mount (05:14)

Construction falls behind schedule and debts mount. Carnegie needs a million dollars to complete the project and to convince the population that it is safe. On the day the St. Louis Bridge opens, an elephant leads a parade across it.

Steel Mill (04:15)

Railroads replace their tracks and bridges with steel. Scott and Carnegie raise funds to create steel plants. Rockefeller negotiates better rates for oil.

Avenging Scott's Death (02:47)

The railroad industry collapses and an economic depression occurs. Carnegie blames Rockefeller, but realizes that marketing steel to construction companies will make his company profitable again. The first skyscraper is built in Chicago.

Skyscraper Boom (04:19)

Carnegie enlists the aid of Henry Frick to help avenge Scott's death and make him the most profitable man in America.

Steel Empire (03:03)

Carnegie, Vanderbilt, and Rockefeller built empires in different industries. Frick and Carnegie buy out competitors in the mid-west and maximize profits. Frick plots against his employer.

Members-Only Club (03:23)

The South Fork Fishing and Hunting Club membership includes the richest men in America. Frick weakens the dam by widening the road.

South Fork Dam Breaks (03:49)

Clouds and rain roll into Pennsylvania. Lake levels rise an inch every ten minutes; the Johnstown telegraph office ignores the warning.

Credits: A Rivalry Is Born (00:51)

Credits: A Rivalry Is Born

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A Rivalry Is Born

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Andrew Carnegie immigrates to the United States with his parents and starts working at age 12. He finds a patron in railroad executive Tom Scott who teaches him about the business.

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