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Carnegie Under Threat (02:57)


Carnegie's empire is on the verge of collapse and the steel magnate returns to Pittsburgh. Frick survives the assassination attempt, refuses to accept any responsibility, and plots a hostile takeover.

A New Powerbroker (03:28)

J.P. Morgan buys out failing companies and returns them to profitability. Carnegie fears he might become the Morgan Company's next target and fires Frick.

Finance Commands All Industries (03:26)

Junius Morgan creates one of the first modern investment banks. Morgan learns how to invest other people's money to create a fortune for himself.

Building from the Ground Up (02:37)

Rockefeller and Carnegie build empires from nothing. Thomas Edison discovers electricity and invents the light bulb. Morgan sees the technology's potential.

Creating a Buzz (05:12)

Before the turn of the 20th Century, America is the most rapidly growing country on the planet. Morgan hires Edison to install electricity in his New York City home and invites many potential investors to witness it.

Going Against Father (04:11)

Rockefeller worries that electricity will replace kerosene. Edison explains that a central power station will power all homes in a half mile radius. Morgan asks the inventor to create a budget to illuminate New York City.

Investing in Electricity (03:24)

Morgan and Edison form the Edison Electric Light Company. Junius instructs his son against using his own money. Workers dig a network of ditches, laying over 100,000 feet of copper wire.

A New Era Begins (03:22)

Edison electrifies half of Manhattan. Rockefeller worries that the new technology will destroy his kerosene empire and launches a targeted ad campaign. Nikola Tesla emerges as a potential rival.

New Competitor in Electric Industry (03:43)

Edison and Morgan partner to create the first electrical company. Tesla develops alternating current (AC) and puts in his resignation.

Independent Pursuit of Ideas (03:59)

George Westinghouse invests in Tesla's company. One power plant could supply enough electricity to illuminate the eastern part of the United States. Tesla demonstrates that AC is safe.

Competition Increases (03:50)

Rockefeller worries that the new technology will destroy his kerosene empire and launches a targeted ad campaign. Tesla's AC has the capability to destroy all the competition. Morgan places immense pressure on Edison, who resorts to dirty tactics to prove DC more reliable.

Credits: A New Rival Emerges (00:43)

Credits: A New Rival Emerges

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A New Rival Emerges

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While Carnegie and Rockefeller continue to battle, J.P. Morgan arrives on the scene and establishes a bank in New York City that has one goal: to further the technological advancements of America.

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