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Ford Motor Company (06:36)


Henry Ford is a world-famous engineer who once dominated the cut-throat automotive industry. Engineer Karl Benz is the first to create a gas-powered automobile, and the first American car was made seven years later.

Automotive Monopoly (04:50)

When people begin to manufacturer cars, many of the machines failed; the early days are all about the competition to build the best car on a large scale. William Durant begins working with Buick while Ford attempts to team up with the Dodge brothers.

General Motors (10:46)

Ford is worried he will be unable to tap into the upcoming automotive industry without the Dodges, the best mechanics in Detroit. Durant begins buying up small car companies including Oldsmobile and Cadillac.

Ford Model T (10:40)

In 1908, American engineers are heading towards a technological breakthrough with the mass production of the automobile. Durant is assembling the empire of General Motors; Ford creates the first mass-produced vehicle, which sells ten thousand in the first year.

General Motors President (08:56)

GM's board of directors fires Durant from his leadership role following the failure of his latest Buick project. Charles Nash replaces Durant and brings on a Detroit engineer named Walter Chrysler.

Classic American Cars (05:34)

Durant, hoping to gain back control of General Motors, hires on race-car driver Louis Chevrolet, and together they start the Chevrolet Company. Ford is continually working towards innovation and increasing the efficiency of his factories.

Innovation in Car Manufacturing (07:15)

Ford's moving assembly line revolutionized the automotive industry and overall manufacturing in American business. Ford made 38,000 cars in 1911, and after implementing his new system, made 200,000 in 1914.

Competition in the Auto Industry (08:58)

Ford is able to beat out pioneer patent holder George Seldon in a lawsuit he filed against all American motor companies. Following this, the Dodge brothers decided to leave Ford and start their own automotive company.

Dodge Competes With Ford (08:22)

The stock of the Ford Motor Company was sent plummeting following the appointment of Edsel Ford as the new corporation president. When the stocks plummet Ford buys all the shares in his company, becoming the sole owner.

Future of the Automobile Industry (08:36)

The United States auto industry is at the forefront of the nation's thriving manufacturing sector. Durant secretly acquires enough GM stock to have a controlling interest and merges with Chevrolet.

Fate of the Dodge Brother's (03:19)

The U.S. car industry becomes big business, but the Dodge brothers, some of America's most influential mechanics, both catch the Spanish Flu. Chrysler buys out and begins running the Dodge car company following their deaths.

Credits: The Cars That Made America (00:29)

Credits: The Cars That Made America

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