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Ancient Architecture (05:18)


Humanity's largest and earliest megastructures were designed and built as pyramids, despite the lack of interaction between societies. The Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt were determined to show citizens they were the most powerful of men.

High and Mighty (03:19)

Throughout the history of architecture and within nature, researchers discover that height is often equated with power and greatness.

Pyramids in Nature (02:37)

Architects of ancient civilizations, such as in Egypt, based pyramid-like designs on the tallest structures in nature, such as mountains.

The Pyramid Scheme (04:20)

Mountains are shaped by gravity and erosion, making them a perfect blueprint for the ancient architects. Over time, humans began designing structures with more interior space.

Hub of Creation (04:04)

Megastructures remain hubs for communities, and social and economic movements within every society.

Credits: Megastructures (00:31)

Credits: Megastructures

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From the Great Pyramid at Giza to the towering skyscrapers of today, humans have engineered massive constructions for at least 5,000 years. But why? How do biology and human emotions affect our desire to build gigantic structures?

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