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Conformity: Pros and Cons (04:12)


Psychological research shows a strong desire for conformity among humans. Social life would be impossible without conformity and obedience--but these could also be sources of destruction, e.g., Nazism.

Milgram's Study of Obedience (04:56)

To what extent will people follow instructions that result in harm to someone else. Research in the 1960s show to what extent people follow instructions to harm another human being, even to the point of cruelly punishing or "killing" them.

Psychology: Ethics in Action (04:07)

Ethics are agreed upon social rules of behavior. Psychological research needs ethical guidelines. Ethics include the obligations a researcher has towards her subjects.

Bullying and Conformity (04:01)

A student project is designed around bullying and conformity. They confront ethical issues in the process. Does scientific value of research justify deceiving subjects in the experiment? Ethical issues are about balancing competing rights.

Ethical Evaluation of Research Project (02:35)

One way of mitigating harm to unwitting subjects in a psychological research project is to debrief the participants thoroughly and sensitively.

Ethics vs. Psychological Research (04:12)

Does the application of the ethics test to proposed psychological studies get in the way of beneficial research? What is the balance between psychological knowledge and rights of research study participants?

Ethics and Entertainment (03:30)

In the entertainment field, it is acceptable to make fools of people and make them distressed and fearful such as people on reality television shows. Psychology is now more ethically aware,

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Obedience and Ethics: Benefits and Costs of Psychological Conformity Studies

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Psychological experiments have shown that the natural human desire to conform can lead people to mistrust their own experiences, turn a blind eye to the suffering of others, and even inflict harm on the defenseless. But these findings have come at a price: the potential emotional damage of those being studied. This three-section program grapples with some of the thorny ethical issues arising from psychological research into obedience and conformity as it questions the ethicality of Stanley Milgram’s Study of Obedience; uses a proposed student project on bullying to address the need for ethical constraints when conducting experiments; and weighs the benefits and costs of increased ethical regulation of research. A part of the series Applied Psychology. (30 minutes)

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