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Growing Problem of Eating Disorders (02:41)


People with eating disorders do not know when they are hungry, and they do they eat in response to hunger. Eating disorders are atypical patterns of eating. Disorders include anorexia nervosa, bulimia, compulsive eating disorders, and obesity.

Theories About Eating Disorders (03:52)

One theory about eating disorders suggests that the biology of the brain is the cause. It may be a biochemical imbalance or genetic programming. One theory suggests that eating disorders are maladapted reactions to stress.

Eating Disorders: Media Messages (03:32)

A vast array of models and movie stars have bodies that do not conform with normal women's body shapes. Entire industries are built on slimming and thinness. Males and females are affected by the thousands of images of thinness around them.

Cognitive Theory of Eating Disorders (04:38)

Learning theory helps explain how the cultural pressure to be thin creates problems with food for many young people that may then lead to eating disorders. Eating disorders often accompany low self image.

Eating Disorders: Family Influence (04:01)

Family behavior influences self image of children. The psychodynamic approach to eating disorders suggests that these disorders are the result or unresolved childhood conflicts. For young people, eating may be one thing they can control in life.

Factors that Influence Anorexia (03:10)

For some young girls, anorexia is a way to stay young. Many fear reaching puberty. Eating disorders are the result of a combination of factors: biological vulnerability, adverse childhood experiences, and the cultural pressure to be thin.

Approaches to Treatment of Eating Disorders (04:32)

A behavioral approach to overcoming anorexia can be successful, but not entirely on its own. Family therapy is a mainstay in treating a child with anorexia. Eating disorders take over a person's life. The personality literally falls apart.

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Anorexia. Bulimia. Eating disorders have one of the highest mortality rates of all psychiatric conditions. After defining eating disorders from a clinical point of view, this three-section program explores possible underlying biological bases for eating disorders; considers sociocultural influences on young adults that equate “thin” with “good”; and questions to what extent eating disorders may originate within the family structure. The program concludes with a look at treatments of eating disorders. A part of the series Applied Psychology. (28 minutes)

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