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What Is Stress? (03:21)


Teachers are now among the most stressed of workers. Stress can be pressure, fear, or anxiety that impede performance. Responses to stress are physiological, emotional, and mental. Teachers discuss job stresses.

Physical Response to Stress (01:59)

Physiologic changes that take place in response to stress are ancient responses called "fight or flight." Today, the body responds the same way, but people do not eliminate the stress chemicals through the intense activities of our ancestors.

Stress Management: Medicine (02:53)

More than 50% of appointments with GPs are now for social and emotional problems. Massive numbers of drugs are available to lessen anxiety and depression. Psychoactive drugs are addictive; the body builds up tolerance of many drugs.

Psychological Approaches to Stress (03:54)

Patients suffering from depression may experience alleviation by talking with a sympathetic professional. Psychological management helps people deal with their stress responses

Stress Management Strategies (02:10)

Time management helps stressed people to organize tasks, set goals, and alter their daily schedules. Assertiveness training, relaxation techniques, social skills development, and anger management are valuable stress fighters.

Cognitive Strategies for Stress Management (02:44)

Cognitive therapy has to do with helping people change thoughts and responses to stressors. Is stress really all in the mind? Counseling works for people who may not respond to medicine. Stress inoculation prepares people for stressful situations.

Management of Change to Relieve Stress (03:33)

People who are stress-free have personality traits that make them more hardy. One trait is a belief that they control the things that happen to them. They see change as a challenge, not a threat. Support systems are important. to relieve stress.

Stress Management and Compromise (02:18)

Stress management often involves compromise; change what can be changed and come to terms with everything else. Stress management workshops are abundant, but is society addicted to stress?

Overview of Stress and Stress Management (03:01)

Not all scientists and researchers agree on the best management strategies for stress. Some argue that there is no scientific measurement of stress. Does the "stress industry" make the problems seem worse than they are?

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Stress has been called the most prevalent disease of modern society: an epidemic brought about by the pace of modern life and the pressure to succeed in a climate of increasing job insecurity. But what exactly is stress? How do medical and psychological approaches to stress management differ? And what psychological strategies—behavioral, cognitive, and organizational—are available to combat stress? This three-section program concentrates on the field of psychological counseling as it answers these questions. The video also addresses criticisms of what some are calling the stress management industry. A part of the series Applied Psychology. (28 minutes)

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