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Photography in the Classroom (03:14)


Middle school teacher Donald Rose is using photographs to teach his students about the Civil Rights Movement and school integration. The students discuss and take notes on the photographs. Some of Rose's students engage better with photographs than written explanations.

Photography in Film (08:11)

Documentary filmmaker Ken Burns uses historical photographs throughout his work. He describes the storytelling power of still photographs.

Conflict Photography (06:13)

Photojournalist Louie Palu has covered conflicts, poverty, and human rights issues throughout the world. His goal as a photojournalist is to show people the real conditions of working-class people and life in combat zones.

Credits: Witness (00:57)

Credits: Witness

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Photographs bear witness to world events and help us to learn more about people, places, and situations—historical and present day. Middle school teacher Donald Rose guides students in analyzing photos from school integration movements of the 1960s. Documentary film producer Ken Burns weaves photographs into historical narratives to bring the past to life. Photojournalist Louie Palu's photos take us deep into mines and war zones, and engage us with the individuals who take on those tasks. 

Length: 20 minutes

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