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Toy Company (01:18)


LEGO has inspired children for generations; there are 100 bricks for every person on Earth. LEGO has products in the toy, gaming, and film industries. Twenty years ago, the future of LEGO was uncertain.

LEGO HQ and Diversification (06:07)

The company headquarters are in Billund, Denmark. Boxes of nearly every set released since the mid-1960s are in the basement. In the 1990s, LEGO expanded from its core, over-diversifying and recording a $28 million loss in 1998.

Identity Crisis (04:57)

Jorgen Vig Knudstorp investigates why LEGO was losing money. The arrival of digital gaming causes the traditional toy market to stagnate; LEGO introduces Jack Stone.

Company Principles (02:57)

Kristian Hauge discusses the origins of LEGO's design principles. In the 1990s, senior management markets new designs the designers do not like and customers do not want.

LEGO Sales (04:37)

In 2002, sales fall 28% in Asia and adult fans of LEGO are alienated; Ivan Ho reflects on products from the 1990s. In 2003, Knudstorp presents his findings to the board of executives; the company is close to bankruptcy.

Saving LEGO? (02:53)

Knudstorp becomes CEO in 2004; the company has over $800 million in unpaid debt. Knudstrorp discusses the company culture and changes he implemented in the offices.

Manufacturing and Theme Parks (06:17)

The plant produces over 125 million bricks a day. Knudstorp limits the number of brick designs and increases production efficiency. LEGO Group no longer manages LEGO Land parks, but maintains a 22% share.

Rediscovering LEGO's Core (05:06)

Knudstorp receives feedback from adult fans of LEGO to articulate future innovation; he enlists help to better understand play. The company cultivates the joy of building through events and competitions.

Brand and Fan Connection (03:52)

Pictures and letters from children adorn the walls of LEGO headquarters; play is a significant part of company culture. Henrik Andersen discusses replacing Jack Stone with a fire truck. LEGO employs designers from over 100 countries.

LEGO's Return to Success (05:41)

LEGO achieves a record profit in 2013 and now has offices worldwide. The company has plans to expand in Asia; tour the Singapore Hub. Ho discusses passing the love of a hobby to children.

Credits: Lego (00:28)

Credits: Lego

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