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Luxury Airline (04:14)


Aviation attracts people of all ages; students tour a plane. Running an airline is a complex operation. In 2005, Vijay Mallya launched Kingfisher Airlines as a premium full-service airline.

Indian Businessman (03:43)

Mallya's airline generated excitement; Capt. Mohnish Chadda reflects on Kingfisher's premium service. Mallya took control of his father's company and expanded the United Breweries Group.

Indian Aviation (02:41)

Air India ruled the market for many years; Kingfisher needed to standout. Mallya ran the airline that would rely on India's rising economy for success.

Kingfisher Airline's Initial Days (04:43)

The airline catered to business people and the wealthy; it won many awards. Mallya oversaw every aspect of the airline and staff enjoyed their jobs. Prospects looked good for Kingfisher to profit.

India Aviation Businesses (03:46)

B.C. Gupta created a business to expose aircraft to the poor; students tour the Airbus. Air Deccan focused on getting as many people in the air as possible, ruining the market for competitors; it had an international license.

International Market (03:01)

In 2007, Mallya purchased Air Deccan to build a global airline and ordered new planes. The first daily international flights occurred in September 2008. Kingfisher lost its identity after merging with Air Deccan.

Kingfisher's Operating Woes (04:11)

Kingfisher's revenue and that of Air Deccan did not meet operating costs. Losses spiraled out of control and the 2008 financial crisis devastated the aviation industry.

Kingfisher's Financial Trouble (05:50)

Kingfisher needed to cut costs and obtain cash; Mallya used funds from his other group companies. He defaulted on payments, cancelled international flights, and delayed staff payments. Mallya urged staff to continue working.

Kingfisher's Demise (03:44)

Stressed pilots were flying and in October 2012, authorities ordered Mallya to pay them. Office gates were locked, planes were impounded, and licenses were revoked.

Unpaid Salaries and Taxes (03:46)

Kingfisher owed staff months of back pay, causing financial hardship. Some income tax deductions never reached the government, placing employees in default. Courts are sympathetic to the pilots.

Disillusioned With Kingfisher Airlines (06:01)

See a prepared statement from Mallya's office; employees feel betrayed. Experts consider Mallya's role in Kingfisher's collapse and his continued spending on other business entities.

Credits: Kingfisher Airlines (00:44)

Credits: Kingfisher Airlines

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The progeny of billionaire Vijay Mallya, Kingfisher Airlines was expected to fly the good times forever, but in 2012 the Indian government suspended its operation permit. Inside The Storm: Lessons from the Boardroom interviews ex-employees, revealing how a billion dollar company was brought to its knees.

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