Segments in this Video

Experiencing Death at an Early Age (03:34)


A family told a child that an angel had come and taken his baby brother away. Long term consequences to mental health occur in children who experience a relative's death. Richard, age 11, feels responsible for his brother's health.

Child's Relationship to Deceased (03:25)

Hera, age 3, misses her brother who succumbed to a cardiac arrhythmia. Benjamin Siegel provides counseling for the family. Adults have difficulty addressing death with children because of anxiety and the inability to cope with the loss themselves.

Communicating With Children (06:19)

Chuckie is quieter and stays up later since his grandmother's diagnosis. Dr. Siegel helps his mother discuss the illness and subsequent death. After the funeral, Cedric refuses to eat.

Limited Experience (02:51)

Children under the age of six will not comprehend that death is permanent and will look for an adult to emulate. Hera believes she will see her brother will return. A young child's grief can be misinterpreted as anger or boisterous energy.

Dream or Nightmare? (04:40)

Richard describes his experience at the wake and funeral. Sometimes he thinks he sees his brother after his death and keeps his brother's stuffed animals to help him cope.

Gravesite Visit (04:07)

Hera's mother brings her to the cemetery to understand. Cedric and Chuckie visit their grandmother's grave to help them understand death. Dr. Siegel counsels how to broach a child's grief and advocates not pressing the subject. (Credits)

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Angels Don't Have Headlights: Children's Reactions to Death in the Family

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This video highlights the reactions of children to the deaths of close relatives, which can involve emotional, behavioral, or bodily expressions that are often are accompanied by troublesome fears and fantasies. It shows health professionals eliciting some of these reactions from four children between ages three and eleven.

Length: 26 minutes

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ISBN: 978-1-64481-138-2

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