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Introduction: Birth and the First Fifteen Minutes of Life (00:37)


This film will cover the birth and the first few moments of the life of an infant to document the behavior of the child following birth. The psychologists did not include any behavior not typical of the patients.

Labor (01:43)

See footage of a woman in labor experiencing labor pains as her child will soon be born. The doctor measures the dilation of her cervix with a gloved hand.

Delivery (01:17)

See footage of the mother as she gives birth to her child, assisted by the doctor and nurses; as the head is delivered first, the child's eyes open and close, and its breathing become regular. See footage of the umbilical cord being cut.

Reactions (02:15)

Following the birth, the infant does not respond to external stimuli unless extremely violent; see footage of the child's slow, random movements. See the child respond to the violent stimulus by screaming.

First Feeding (01:39)

After twenty-four hours, the team films the newborns first feeding as the nurse talks the inexperienced mother through the breastfeeding process. The infant's responses are very lethargic, but it performs typical seeking movements.

Infant After Birth (00:54)

See footage of a second child recorded immediately following its birth. This child reacts erratically and moves randomly on the operating table.

Individual Differences (01:40)

In contrast to the first child recorded, the second infant responds violently to the noise stimulus, but not the violent physical movements around it. The second child, according to the psychologists, is very lethargic following the experiment.

Credits: Birth and the First Fifteen Minutes of Life (00:02)

Credits: Birth and the First Fifteen Minutes of Life

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Birth and the First Fifteen Minutes of Life

Part of the Series : René A. Spitz: Problems in Infancy
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This video features original silent footage from René Spitz's research on child development. It highlights aspects of an infant's abilities in the moments after birth.

Length: 11 minutes

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