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Introduction—Anxiety: Its Phenomenology in the First Year of Life (00:36)


This film will cover emotional reactions of infants less than one-year-old. No footage of reactions that are not typical is included in the study.

Precursors of Anxiety (08:00)

See footage of a natural birth and the infant's first reactions of anxiety. Rene Spitz and Katherine Wolf perform experiments on several infants to provoke a rage response. When infants lose their support, they become afraid.

Anxiety Proper (08:28)

After the first six months of life, infants develop a sense of discrimination in which they can distinguish friends from strangers. A child can become comfortable when allowed to take the initiative in an interaction. An infant displays a certain level of anxiety common in twins.

Credits: Its Phenomenology in the First Year of Life (00:03)

Credits: Its Phenomenology in the First Year of Life

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Anxiety: Its Phenomenology in the First Year of Life

Part of the Series : René A. Spitz: Problems in Infancy
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This video features original silent footage from René Spitz's research on child development. It shows how an object that does not cause anxiety in early infancy can cause an anxiety in the same child in later infancy. Black & white.

Length: 18 minutes

Item#: BVL160111

ISBN: 978-1-64481-330-0

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