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Motivation (14:31)


Dr. Carl Jung explains what libido as an energy source looks like and how it is defined by psychologists. He talks about different types of motivation and how they are revealed through a person's behavior and unconscious thoughts.

Understanding the Unconscious (08:47)

Some therapists try and use dream analysis to determine the mental health of their patients. Jung is asked to describe the difference between the collective and the personal unconscious; Jung gives several examples of both states of unconsciousness.

Psychosomatic Medicine (06:15)

Jung confirms that through his psychological research he has discovered that repressed memories of ideas will become part of the personal encounter. The interviewer cuts in to ask about the defense mechanisms many psychoanalysts speak of, including projection and rationalization, and how Jung's view of them is unorthodox.

Developing an Archetype (08:13)

Jung talks briefly about his acquaintance with the famous mathematician Dr. Albert Einstein. He then describes his development of the archetype and gives modern examples.

Projective Testing (07:25)

There is growing popularity of certain types of psychological tests; Jung shares his opinion on the Rorschach test, developed by Hermann Rorschach. Jung believes that practical psychologists and psychiatrists should have access to and be trained in the use of such tests.

Psychology of Disease (08:21)

Speaking to the modern use of psychosomatic medicine in the field of psychology, Jung explains how this practice has cured numerous cases of TB. Jung is unsurprised when the interviewer mentions that cancer is now thought to have a psychosomatic element; he claims they discovered this many years ago.

Psychology and Addiction (05:04)

Jung addresses the popularization and dangers of "non-addictive" drugs, particularly within American psychiatry. Jung explains why he believes American culture is particularly drawn to using these types of drugs, including hallucinogens.

Credits: Dr. Carl Jung (06:16)

Credits: Dr. Carl Jung

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In this video interview, Dr. Carl Jung discusses motivation and talks about his meetings with Einstein, Rorschach, and Toynbee. He also discusses psychosomatic medicine and the use of tranquilizers.

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