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Personality and Behavioral Analysis (06:46)


The interviewer begins his discussion with Dr. Carl Jung by asking about his concept of the "persona" and how his work differs from that of Sigmund Freud. Jung explains that people, especially those who are neurotic, can have two different persona's within their personality, which can inhibit their socialization.

Archetypal Behavior (08:04)

Jung describes how the conscious and the unconscious operate within an archetype, giving brief examples of each type of behavior.

Carl Jung's Typology (10:24)

Jung shares his opinion of what the German dictator Adolf Hitler represented in terms of an archetype. He goes on to talk about introversion and extroversion, the most popular psychological concept created by Jung. He describes how the inner life of a person functions and how it connects to reality.

Personality Typology in America (12:48)

American culture adopted Jung's notion of introversion and extroversion and began to believe society is only made up of these two, basic types of personalities. He explains several terms about the introversion/extroversion dichotomy including thinking, feeling, sensation, and intuition.

Introversion and Extroversion (09:43)

Jung explains the difference between an intuitive introvert and an intuitive extrovert sharing several different examples. Jung explains how he builds his eight personality types based on his notion of the four functions—thinking, feeling, sensation, and intuition.

Future of Jung's Research (10:00)

Jung explains the thinking and feeling types different because thinkers often hold more rational values, while feelings are more prone to the irrational. The conversation ends with a discussion of Jung's most recent research and his current thoughts on intuition.

Credits: Dr. Carl Jung (00:24)

Credits: Dr. Carl Jung

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In this video discussion, Dr. Carl Jung presents his views on personality organization and discusses the fundamental concepts of his theory.

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