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Interview With Arthur Miller (04:40)


The author and playwright describes what he believes the difference is between a character's "mask" and their "substance." Miller uses these psychological concepts within his plays.

Empathy in Writing (11:09)

Miller explains that when he creates characters he attempts to depict them and their behavior as they be would in life, but it is dangerous for readers to analyze stories the same way they do non-fiction. When Miller writes, even if he is writing from another's perspective, he still has to shift his empathy to the lifestyle of that character; Miller believes critics write bad reviews when they try and relate the author to his work.

Selective Perception in Literature (07:20)

Miller explains that in his play "Death of a Salesman" he is using stream of consciousness, although highly structured, to be selective with what he includes in his work. Miller does not seek to control the reactions of his readers but hopes to allow them to come to their own conclusions about his work.

Impact and Audience (08:29)

Miller explains that writers operate under the assumption that they understand the nature of most people and believe most people to be fairly similar in personality and behavior. When writing his plays, Miller must take into consideration the changes that could occur within the culture; he does this by writing about only fundamental aspects of humanity.

Reviewing a Play (10:04)

Miller is pleased with a critical response to a play when people believe he has brought a new story out of nothing; he claims he does not try and cure people of their mental ailments through his writing. The character Willie in the play "Death of a Salesman," according to Miller, has received a wide variety of analysis.

Understanding Psychological Language (04:54)

Miller explains why he thinks psychological labels can be damaging in a community if everyone does not understand the meaning of the term. The interviewer postulates that people begin believing a label explains the entire personality of an individual.

Credits: Psychological Dialogue with Playwright Arthur Miller (00:59)

Credits: Psychological Dialogue with Playwright Arthur Miller

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In this video, playwright Arthur Miller, whose plays often questioned the psychological causes of behavior, discusses concepts of motivation and his reactions to psychological analyses of his work. He considers the psychological impact of his plays on the audience and his attitudes towards psychological theories and methods.

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