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Nikolaas Tinbergen's Discussion With Richard Evans: Introduction (00:57)


Nikolaas Tinbergen was among a team of behavioral zoologists who won the Nobel Prize for their creation of the field of ethology.

Developing Ethology (04:28)

Tinbergen talks about his reaction to being part of the first Nobel Prize-winning team of researchers within the behavioral disciplines. He goes on to say that all of the information included in the field of ethology had been discovered and documented previously by biologists; they just expanded the experimentation and recording of these behaviors.

Developing Behavior (05:48)

Similarly to how psychologists had an issue with the overuse of the word "instinct," many ethologists have found the word "innate" to be too ambiguous to have any academic use. Tinbergen explains how scientists now understand that many animals are very distinct on a genetic basis; the laws of natural selection have been relaxed within domesticated animals.

Primary Drive (07:40)

Tinbergen is asked about his study and book, "The Study of Instinct," which is about motivation within different animal species; Tinbergen goes on to say that this research is now outdated, but he does still use this approach.

Male and Female Behavior (09:46)

Tinbergen discusses aggression within animals and his idea that as human communities expanded, it became easier for people to see individuals as enemies rather than a fellow man. Tinbergen shares his beliefs around the women's movement and how men and women are behaviorally programmed.

Credits: Ethology and Genetic Programming Versus Learning (00:38)

Credits: Ethology and Genetic Programming Versus Learning

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Nikolaas Tinbergen's Discussion With Richard Evans: Ethology and Genetic Programming Versus Learning

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In this video discussion, biologist and ethologist Nikolaas Tinbergen discusses the development of ethology and considers genetic programming versus learning. He considers motivational systems, aggression and war, and the women's movement.

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