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Conducting Research (05:24)


Dr. Raymond Cattell prefers the multivariate approach because psychologists cannot immediately discover the important variables to manipulate. Factor analysis simplifies the amount of potential variables. Cattell discusses research by Alfred Binet and Charles Spearman.

Factor Analysis (06:55)

Optometry, physiology, mathematics, and psychology use factor analysis differently. Dr. Cattell compares experiments conducted by Ivan Pavlov to Spearman's research. The multivariate approach incorporates studying the subject before beginning a bivariate experiment.

Aspects of Personality (07:33)

Schizothymia and cyclothymia's nomenclature develops out of research conducted by Paul Eugen Blueuler, Ernst Kretschmer, and Emil Kraepelin. Factor analysis sometimes supports a previous theory and there are technical differences between. Cattell defines new symbols and terms including premsia, harria, orthogonal factors, and oblique factors.

Developing Psychological Techniques (10:37)

The "Q technique" is used by Carl Rogers and William Stephenson, but is arbitrary. Cattell explains his "R technique" factor analysis and how it improves upon existing theories. The "P-Technique" measures a person using a set of tests over a time period; the seven state battery assessment emerges.

Personality and Ability Testing (03:33)

Dr. Cattell studies successive life spaces and operationalizes it. Psychologists need to be quantitative and empirical when study personality.

Recent Developments (06:17)

Dr. Cattell discusses recent advances and needed improvements when evaluating tests. The only things psychologists can measure with a high reliability percentage in personality studies are very specific. Frank Warburton is compiling a list of 500 different types of objective tests.

Anxiety and Culture (05:31)

Dr. Cattell discusses how he achieved similar anxiety patterns with the Japanese as he did with Americans, but at different levels. British people tend to score higher levels on the introvert side. Dr. Cattell is not sure that therapy helps at all.

Credits: Dr. Raymond Cattell (00:48)

Credits: Dr. Raymond Cattell

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Dr. Raymond Cattell discusses factor analysis, "Q" and "P" techniques, psychological testing, and psychotherapy.

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