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Introduction to Dr. J B Rhine (01:13)


J B Rhine is a well-known, yet controversial figure within the world of parapsychology; he and his wife Louisa have done much of their academic work together.

Becoming a Psychologist (04:58)

Rhine came to study extrasensory phenomenon following his work in the field of plant physiology. He and his wife came to the research mostly through personal reading about ESP. Rhine talks extensively with the interviewer about his education and how he helped to develop an experimental methodology within the discipline of psychology.

Skepticism of J B Rhine (05:04)

Rhine talks about how his fellow faculty members at Duke University responded to his work while he was a member of the Department of Psychology. The interviewer asks Rhine about which of the terms developed by him and other researchers of ESP are still useful within his studies.

Developing ESP Terminology (08:00)

The interviewer creates a scenario for Rhine to analyze and classify using the parapsychology terminology he helped to create through his research. Rhine describes the difference between ESP and telepathy, and also classifies several circumstances and talks about experiments his team conducted.

Modern Parapsychology (09:11)

The interviewer asks Rhine about his opinion on whether or not, through the research he has conducted, he believes there is such a thing as clairvoyants. He describes research towards developing better research around the study of clairvoyants.

History of Parapsychology (08:20)

A team of researchers developed a study of the American Psychological Association to assess their belief in parapsychology in which only seven percent believed it was a proven fact. Rhine talks about the misconceptions of his work, explaining many of the critics are primarily concerned Rhine's research team has experimenter bias.

Critics of Parapsychology (03:28)

Rhine explains that laymen who have not studied psychology are concerned with how the experiments are conducted by the parapsychologists. In conclusion, the interviewer talks with Rhine about whether or not he believes people's extrasensory responses can be heightened though training.

Credits: Dr. J B Rhine (00:30)

Credits: Dr. J B Rhine

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In this video, psychologist Dr. J. B. Rhine discusses his research into the psychology of personality, considering psychic personality type, psi research designs, and major contributions to the field.

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