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Biography of Herman Melville (06:52)


According to Murray, Herman Melville was the perfect subject for analysis and was keenly aware of the development and function of psychoanalysis. Murray talks about his experience of researching and seeking to understand the life of Melville.

Academic Psychology (08:04)

Murray was able to understand and write accurately about the life of Melville through empathizing with what others wrote about him and what he wrote about himself. He moves into a discussion of the modern graduate education system, how fields of study have become increasingly narrow, and the emphasis on broad experimentation.

Behavioral Analysis (09:10)

Murray explains that "human nature" is a generalized topic, and talking about people in small categories, such as classes, is more interesting within psychology. Murray is asked if the measures of the internal physiological responses are accurate; he explains that it is important to talk about the central aspects of emotions that trickle down into behavior.

Credits: Dr. Henry A Murray (00:55)

Credits: Dr. Henry A Murray

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Dr. Henry A Murray: Part 2

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In this video, Dr. Henry A. Murray discusses his impressions of Freud and Jung and theoretical concepts. He gives his opinions on the Rorschach Test and the Thematic Apperception Test (TAT).

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