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Dr. Henry A Murray: Part 1: Introduction (01:17)


Dr. Henry A Murray is known for having one of the most interesting and diverse careers in the history of the American Psychological Association as he shifted his career from medicine, biochemistry, and finally to psychology. He developed several fundamental testing methods for personality traits which he covers in his book "Explorations of Personality."

Neurosis and Psychosis (11:47)

Murray discusses the work of the psychologist Sigmund Freud and why he was such an interesting academic figure. He compares the work of Carl Jung to that of Freud and asserts the difference between neurotic and psychotic is the same as the differences between the two psychologists.

Developing a Psychological Theory (04:09)

Freud placed a tremendous amount of stress on the impact of the first five years of the life of an individual. Murray explains why Freud was obsessed with early development and how he believes many other theorists had to come in later to correct where Freud was too general.

Theories of Personality (08:55)

Within his work in psychology, Murray has developed a system to categorize motivation; the classification he once created for this sector has completely changed throughout his career. When describing a person's personality or how they function as an individual, their physical environment must be taken into consideration. Murray describes his theory of the beta press and alpha press.

Unified Self (09:51)

Murray explains a person's fundamental human nature is what dictates all of their reactions and actions within life. Murray talks about the development of his concept of neurophysiological mechanisms and processes which dictate psychological functions. He then goes on to say he would like to abolish the word "ego" entirely and shares his opinion of the theory of the ego and the id.

Story Composition Tests (09:17)

Murray explains how he developed his well-known Thematic Apperception Test; Murray describes how his team compiled the research leading to the development of the test and how it is used. Murray reacts to the development of the Rorschach test, stating it is a good test, but he believes it is not yet validated in terms of personality variables.

Credits: Dr. Henry A Murray (00:56)

Credits: Dr. Henry A Murray

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Psychologist Dr. Henry A. Murray discusses the psychology of personality, presenting an analysis of Melville and Moby Dick. He discusses the idea of personology, talks of training of psychology students, and considers molar versus molecular study of personality.

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