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Dr. Erich Fromm: Part 2: Introduction (01:18)


Dr. Ernest R Hilgard is a well-known professor of psychology and served as a president of the American Psychological Association. He has also significantly contributed to the study of conditioning and learning theory.

History of Psychoanalysis (05:09)

Hilgard talks about the history of psychoanalysis, his opinion of the movement, and how he came to be involved in this field of study. He then discusses libido and the Oedipal Complex and how many psychoanalysts place a great emphasis on this matter within their work.

Modern Learning Theory (05:21)

Hilgard is asked what steps in his career led him to learning research. Hilgard was open-minded to several different psychological methods and points of view within his work, which sometimes put him at a disadvantage professionally.

Changes in Learning Theory (05:52)

Hilgard describes how learning theory has evolved over the years and what theories have now been confirmed or rejected by psychologists. One learning movement is taking learning paradigms and adding them to a psychotherapy session; Hilgard shares his professional opinion on these methods.

Psychology in Society (08:29)

Hilgard talks about the value systems within different cultures in the modern era and how scientific work should be conducted within that value framework to stay out of trouble. Hilgard takes a naturalistic approach to psychology education and includes interdisciplinary training.

Credits: Dr. Ernest R Hilgard (00:25)

Credits: Dr. Ernest R Hilgard

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Dr. Ernest R Hilgard: Part 1

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Dr. Ernest R. Hilgard discusses his views on psychoanalytic theory, learning theory, and humanistic psychology.

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