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Dr. Erich Fromm: Introduction (01:15)


Fromm continues the work and research of Dr. Sigmund Freud. Books include "Escape from Freedom," "Man for Himself," "The Forgotten Language," and "The Art of Loving." He is actively engaged in the training of psychoanalysts.

Disagreements with Freud (07:15)

Fromm discusses the development model, Oedipal complex, libido theory, and secondary narcissism. Psychoanalysts need to expand the concepts of Freudian theories. One of man's greatest desires is to return to the womb.

Understanding Libido (06:34)

Fromm discusses his theories of receptive and exploitative character orientation. The libido is fixed on erogenous zones. Man can obtain items by hoarding, consuming, exchanging, taking by force, producing, or passive reception.

Marketing Character Orientation (07:35)

The individual sells itself to the highest bidder and is one of the most disturbing parts of modern culture. Fromm explains why he disagrees with the Freudian scheme of development and incorporates quantitative cultural phenomena into his research.

Necrophilic Character Orientation (03:18)

Fromm discusses his theories behind necrophilic orientation—those who are attracted to death and decay ie: Adolf Hitler.

Productive Character Orientations (04:31)

Fromm compares the Freudian theory of genital character and his productive character. A productive mother approaches the world in an active manner: physically, emotionally, and intellectually. In today's society what people think, say, and do are reactions from external signals.

Mechanisms of Escape (04:47)

Fromm discusses his theories of functional automaton, hidden persuaders, and destructiveness. Man is an animal and self-aware which causes fear and separateness.

Authoritarianism (03:01)

Fromm discusses how Hitler and Joseph Stalin influenced this mechanism of escape and his fear of covert authoritarianism.

Self-Analysis (02:22)

Individuals resist seeing themselves as an automaton. Fromm describes an exercise he gives to his patients.

Assimilation of Character (05:04)

Fromm distinguishes mechanisms of escape from character orientations and expresses his desire to return to humanism. Individuals desire regression and progression simultaneously. Going forward is risky, but allows one to become independent and productive.

Credits: Dr. Erich Fromm (01:08)

Credits: Dr. Erich Fromm

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In this interview, Dr. Erich Fromm discusses his differences with Freud, non-productive and productive character orientations, mechanisms of escape, and individuation.

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