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Compost, Water Conservation, and Tap Water (03:49)


Compost is a natural fertilizer that can be made in anyone's back yard. Instructions are included. Tips for water conservation include hydro-economic showers and flow rate adjusters on taps. Tap water is safe and eco-friendly.

Seasonal Meals, Local Foods, and Eco-Friendly Air Conditioning (03:59)

It is economically and ecologically more efficient to eat local foods in season. It takes planes, trucks, and lots of fuel to transport food from outside areas. Eat locally grown foods. Cooling fluids in air conditioners are ecologically dangerous.

Eco-Friendly Beds, Cleaning Supplies, and Diapers (03:59)

Horse-hair stuffing for beds repels mites and allows air to circulate freely. Use natural cleaning solutions such as white vinegar, lemons, and bicarbonate of soda. Washable diapers and disposable diapers are eco-friendly.

"Green" Coffee, Smokeless Fire, and Greener Christmases (03:58)

The coffee culture drinks 2.5 billion cups per day, creating vast amounts of cup, filter, and water waste. Choose fair-trade coffee. Smokeless fireplaces burn biofuel. Use sustainable products and give eco-friendly gifts. Recycle waste.

Greener Cooking, Laundry, and Eco-Friendly Insulation (03:59)

Avoid microwave to defrost foods. Use flat-bottomed pans. Save water and electricity during laundry by washing a full load and use low temperature. Good insulation saves on energy resources.

Heat Consumption Reduction, Energy Use, and Organics (03:59)

Regulation and programming systems maintain interior temperatures at chosen levels. When modified, consumer habits create energy cost savings. Organic farming and organic products are in harmony with natural cycles.

Carsharing, Eco-Friendly Vehicles, and Natural Cosmetics (03:59)

Carsharing allows individuals to rent a vehicle for a short period of time. It eliminates the hassles of car ownership. Be a smart car buyer, and choose options wisely, with the environment in mind. Buy cosmetics with a commitment to the environment.

Christmas Trees, Plastic Bags, and Eco-Labels (03:59)

Christmas tree: real or artificial? Artificial trees are not eco-friendly. Abandoned plastic bags to not biodegrade. Official eco-labels are awarded to products after verification of various types of environmental impact of product and containers.

Eco-Tourism, "Greener" Summers, and Ethical Investment Funds (03:59)

Savvy travelers respect biodiversity and re-establishment of endangered species. In summer, reduce waste, use bicycles, and drive wisely with the environment in mind. Invest in socially responsible investment funds.

Flying Green, Gardening for Biodiversity, and Golfing Green (03:59)

Choose an airline or railway that has a reputable sustainable development policy. Mix varieties of local species in hedges. Avoid chemical pesticides. Golf courses use better water management. Courses are reservoirs for biodiversity.

Green Driving, Gardening, and Green Weddings (03:59)

Drive smoothly, maintain proper tire pressure, and get regular maintenance on vehicles. Green gardeners do not pollute surface water or underground wells. Start off a green wedding with organic clothing and food.

Hybrid Cars, Organic Seeds, and Rainwater (03:59)

Hybrids use a combination of electricity and gasoline. Diesel and biofuel hybrids will be available in the near future. The origins of organic seeds are verified and classified. Captured rainwater can be used in gardens, ponds, and for exterior cleaning.

How to Build Greener Airplanes, Computers, and Homes (03:59)

Lighter weight airplanes could reduce fuel consumption by 20%. Millions of computer clog waste sites. Consumers should seek out energy efficient computers. Consumers have vast choices in home-building materials that are eco-friendly.

Cooling the Earth, and Eco-Friendly Concrete and Fabric (03:59)

Physicists propose interesting solutions to the problem of global warming. Italians develop an anti-polluting concrete. Millions of pounds or recycled plastic are used to make polyester filling for upholstery and clothing.

Eco-Friendly Swimming Pools, Eco-Education, and Green Chemistry (03:59)

An eco-pool operates without chlorine or other chemical products. Bacteria are eliminated by phyto-purification. European teachers integrate sustainable development into lessons. Green chemistry uses environmentally friendly processes.

Greener Tires, Growing Forests, and Houses That Rotate (03:59)

Green tires promote fuel efficient driving so less CO2 is released into the atmosphere. Increasing the number of forests is the earth's best defense against greenhouse gases. A rotating house protects occupants against heat and cold.

Environmental Jobs, Organic Chocolate, and Organic Fashion (03:59)

The environmental sector provides many new jobs from accounting to research. Organic farmers are respectful of the environment and use natural resources to produce the coco bean. Designers opt for organic materials for their fashions.

Organic School Food, Carbon Dioxide, and Solar Houses (03:59)

Organic food in school canteens serve to awaken children's taste buds and teach them respect for the environment. Carbon dioxide is sequestered underground at its source of emission. Solar houses optimize the sun's energy.

Aerosols, Waterway Tourism, and Green College Campuses (03:59)

Updated aerosols no longer have negative effects on health. Clean navigation respects speed limits, uses biodegradable products, does not litter, and limits waste. Green campuses attract students interested in the environment and sustainable resources.

Edo-Design, Wooden Houses, and Working Green (03:59)

Eco-design takes environmental factors into consideration when designing a product or service. Wooden house construction does not require much heavy machinery. Wood is a better insulator. Recycle paper in the office.

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The Green Encyclopedia, Part 1: Environmental Innovations and Opportunities Video Clips

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This collection of 60 video clips (1 minute, 10 seconds each) presents innovations and opportunities arising from the impact of environmental threats on the people of the world.


Video clips include…


Initiatives at Home

• Compost: Natural and Effective

• Conserving Water

• Drinking Tap Water

• Eating in Season

• Eating Local

• Eco-friendly Air Conditioning

• Eco-friendly Beds

• Eco-friendly Cleaning

• Eco-friendly Diapers

• Enjoying Coffee the Green Way

• Fire without Smoke

• Greener Christmases

• Greener Cooking

• Greener Laundry

• Insulation Advantages

• Reducing Heat Consumption

• Using Energy Wisely

• What Is Organic?


Initiatives Outside the Home

• Carsharing

• Choosing an Eco-friendly Vehicle

• Choosing Better Makeup

• Choosing the Right Christmas Tree

• Cutting Down on Plastic Bags

• Eco-labels

• Eco-tourism

• Enjoying a Greener Summer

• Ethical Funds

• Flying Green

• Gardening for Biodiversity

• Golfing Green

• Green Driving

• Green Gardening

• Green Weddings

• Hybrid Cars

• Organic Seeds

• Using Rainwater


Initiatives in the Community

• Building a Greener Airplane

• Building a Greener Computer

• Building a Greener Home

• Cooling the Earth

• Eco-friendly Concrete

• Eco-friendly Fabric

• Eco-friendly Swimming Pools

• Education for Sustainable Development

• Green Chemistry

• Greener Tires

• Growing Forests

• Houses that Rotate

• New Jobs in the Environmental Sector

• Organic Chocolate

• Organic Fashion

• Organic Food in Schools

• Sequestering Carbon Dioxide

• Solar Houses

• Updated Aerosols

• Waterway Tourism

• What Is a Green Campus?

• What Is Eco-design?

• Wooden Houses

• Working Green


(80 minutes)

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