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Internet Terrorist Training (03:44)


Internet videos provide complete and powerful training for young Muslims worldwide. With no other training, they learn to make bombs and are schooled in payback for Muslim deaths.

Media Strategy of al Qaeda (02:52)

The three pillars to al Qaeda's media strategy: 1) to show there is a global conspiracy against Islam; 2) to show that al Qaeda is the only force willing to stand against it; and 3) to show that everyone who is not in al Qaeda is morally corrupt.

Jihadi Propaganda War (04:42)

Internet videos aim to make young Muslim people susceptible to rhetoric about how jihad can redress their grievances. These young people are brimming with jihadi ideology and awaiting a chance to take action.

Jihadi Media Distribution (04:03)

al Qaeda produces videos of it own account of 9/11 Distributing jihadi though the media is the "easiest thing in the world," according to one distributor. Videos portray anti-Islam violence, actual bombings and violence, and training for bomb making.

Jihadi Recruiter (03:06)

Omar Bakri Mohammed, a jihadi recruiter, is proud of the terrorists who participated in the 9/11 tragedies and he is proud of his trainees who remain in Britain. He propagandizes Sharia law as a solution to the world's problems.

West Point Students Study Jihadi Videos (03:04)

In propaganda videos, imagery from the Koran is juxtaposed with messages and images of suicide bombers. At West Point, students--of the same demographic as most terrorists-- study these videos and their messages.

Terrorist Tactics (04:36)

Osama bin Laden understood how the camera could further the cause and his own ambitions. Leaders like bin Laden have distorted the jihadi ideology of the 1980s. Televised beheadings are purposely designed to terrify onlookers.

Jihadi Threat Is Global (03:19)

The French government may have paid the terrorists up to $50 million for the release of a French citizen. Norwegians identify the second most influential jihadist, now believed to be n an American secret prison.

West Point Platoon Leaders vs. Jihadi Propaganda (03:09)

West Point students learn that they will need to train their platoons to avoid mistakes and missteps that can be misrepresented and misconstrued by jihadi cameras. How will they counter the jihadi propaganda?

Jihadi Terrorism: God's War? (03:49)

The greatest impact of the jihadi media war is felt in the Muslim world where clerics fear the seductive power of the videos. Muslim youth are convinced that leaders like Osama bin Laden speak God's words.

How to Combat Radicalism (03:35)

Young Muslims are being recruited into extremist organizations in the name of Allah. Counter movements hope to educate these young people by exposing them to classic beliefs of Islam. A radical leader suggests that the West negotiate with jihadi terrorists.

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The Internet is the new training ground for terrorist organizations—a readily accessible, globally distributed broadcasting platform for recruitment, indoctrination, and instructional videos. With unprecedented access to al Qaeda and radical jihadi video content, this program provides penetrating insights into the minds of those who produce these underground films—and of those who watch them. Jihadi video producer Omar Bakri and jihadi media distributor Mohammed al-Massari are featured, as well as media warfare and counterterrorism specialists at the U.S. Military Academy and others committed to the fight against the online radicalization of Muslim youth. (42 minutes)

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