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History (05:05)


Telecommunications makes society more global. Fire and smoke were the first tools used for communication. Runners and riders would transport messages from place to place.

The Conquest of Electricity (04:11)

The discovery of electromagnetic forces led to the development of telecommunications. Telegraphs were the first long-distance messaging system. Radio and telephones shortly followed.

Artificial Satellites and Television (03:12)

The first artificial satellite was launched in 1957. Communication and television satellites are common in modern times. Television is one of the most frequently used forms of mass communication.

Internet (02:47)

The internet has changed human civilization. It began as a military project and spread to the rest of society.

Mobile or Cellphones (03:14)

Cellphones include many advanced features and have increased the world's access to communication.

Summary (04:05)

As society became more complex, more complex communication systems were necessary. Computers, the internet, and cellphones are a normal part of everyday life.

Credits: Telecommunications (02:25)

Credits: Telecommunications

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What is telecommunications? Humans have always had a need for communication, which has greatly advanced because of technological developments. Learn about the different types of telecommunications and their importance in our lives.

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