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Force and Motion (03:02)


Objects move in reaction to a force. In some instances, forces produce deformations instead of movement. Magnetic force and gravity attract bodies from a distance.

Forces (03:35)

A force is anything that deforms a body or sets it in motion. A force can also change the speed or direction of a body already in motion. Contact between two surfaces creates friction. When an object is still, despite the forces acting on it, it is at rest.

Moment of a Force (01:56)

The relationship between intensity of any given force and the distance from an axis upon which the force is applied is the moment of force. Contrary parallel forces of the same intensity produce movements of rotation.

Summary (02:49)

This segment reviews the concepts of force and motion discussed in this video.

Credits: Force and Motion (00:41)

Credits: Force and Motion

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Force and Motion

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All living things can move. Both simple and sophisticated machines are governed by the same principles. Learn about the different kinds of forces, balanced forces, moment of a force, the definition of forces, examples, and characteristics.

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