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Introduction: Fishing (01:53)


Oceans, rivers, and lakes harbor resources; fishing is the oldest and most important harvesting activity. Fish account for one fifth of animal protein consumption; the industry employees millions.

History (01:26)

Shellfish gathering is the oldest fishing activity. Arrows and spears are among the first tools used; hooks first appear during the Stone Age. Sailing vessels and preservation methods expand yields and create markets.

Fishing Methods (05:27)

Trolling and beam trawling are the dominant types of industrial fishing. Fishermen preserve their catch in ice, and sometimes process it at sea. Basic equipment includes nets and tackle such as hooks, harpoons and lines.

Aquaculture (02:12)

People have been raising fish in captivity since 500 B.C. China is the largest seafood farmer in the world. Ecological balance is not typically disrupted by the practice and harvests continue year-round.

Ecological Problems (04:10)

Oceans and seas hold 90% of the world's biomass and were once perceived as limitless; advanced fishing techniques and increasing human populations led to exploitation. Urban and industrial waste contaminate habitats and collapse salt water ecosystems. International efforts must occur to prevent the extermination of marine life.

Summary (01:55)

Review fishing subjects including: history, methods, farming, and ecological destruction.

Credits: Fishing (02:22)

Credits: Fishing

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Fishing is the oldest and arguably most important activity we carry out on the high seas. It has been an invaluable food resource for human civilization since ancient times. In this program, learn about different fishing methods and how fish can be caught using hooks, nets, trawling, echo-sounders, and radar. Also, explore the potential consequences of overfishing on biodiversity and what precautions are being taken to maintain the diversity of sea life.

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