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Agriculture (01:55)


Approximately 10,000 years ago, humans began cultivating determined plants. Cities, populations, and economies emerged as a result.

Soil (03:50)

Soil is a living structure dependent on conditioning and erosional elements. An array of animals and bacteria aerate and enrich the ground; soil provides plants with nitrogen and other nutritional elements. Levels, quality, and composition vary with terrain and climate.

Development of Agriculture (03:07)

Farming originated in the region between the Mediterranean Sea and the Indo Valley; the practice spread globally. The plow and yoke are important early inventions, followed by soil rotation and fertilization techniques. Over the last 50 years, technology has advanced and spread, creating a vast increase in food production.

Increase in Productivity (03:38)

Approximately 30% of Earth's land is suitable for agriculture; irrigation techniques and fertilizers escalate yields and enhance soil. Insects are the greatest threat to harvests; insecticides and genetically modified plants were developed in response. Despite abundances and developments, starvation still plagues mankind.

Summary (01:59)

Review agriculture origins, soil composition, developments, technolog,y and production topics.

Credits: Agriculture (993:57)

Credits: Agriculture

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Before agriculture, early humans were hunter-gatherers, moving from place to place to follow herds of animals. The development of agriculture gave rise to the beginning of civilization and cities. Learn about the origins of agriculture, the science of soil, the needs of plants, farming techniques, and the future of farming.

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