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Respiration: Introduction (01:09)


Energy for growth and reproduction among living beings is generated in a process called breathing.

Aerobic Respiration (01:35)

Cell mitochondria within animals convert carbohydrates and oxygen to energy, carbon dioxide, and water. Learn about oxygen levels in the atmosphere and in oceans.

Respiratory Tracts (05:12)

Plants use sunlight, carbon dioxide and water to produce carbohydrates and oxygen. Protozoa and sponges breathe by direct diffusion through cellular membranes. Learn about cutaneous, branchial, tracheal, and lung respiration systems.

Human Respiration (02:21)

Learn about lung anatomy and function. We normally use only three quarters of total lung capacity, which is five liters, but can introduce another two liters to stay underwater for up to 90 seconds.

Respiration: Summary (02:41)

Living beings take oxygen from the air and expel carbon dioxide. Within cells, oxygen and organic compounds are burned to produce energy, carbon dioxide and energy. Organisms breathe through direct diffusion or cutaneous, branchial, tracheal, or lung respiration systems.

Credits: Respiration (00:47)

Credits: Respiration

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In order to live, grow, and reproduce, all living things need energy obtained from oxygen. From the simplest of cells to the largest of animals, energy is generated from oxygen in a process called respiration, or breathing. Learn about the definition and characteristics of aerobic respiration, the respiratory organs, the process of photosynthesis in plants, different organisms and their respiratory processes, human respiration, lungs and other organs use in respiration, as well as how humankind has exploited nature’s resources.

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