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Heat and Living Beings: Introduction (02:13)


Earth is the right distance from the sun for liquid water, essential for life. Temperature depends on region and altitude, and influences geographical distribution of living beings. Animals in colder regions are larger to retain body heat.

Temperature and Life (02:55)

Living beings generally live between zero and fifty degrees Celsius; below this margin, body fluids freeze. Boiling destroys most microorganisms. Plants are sensitive to external temperatures and altitude; learn about survival techniques.

Ectothermic Animals (01:55)

Internal temperatures of insects, reptiles and fish depend on external temperatures. Learn about butterfly, locust and crocodile heat regulation methods.

Endothermic Animals (04:49)

Birds and mammals maintain a constant internal body temperature—reducing their dependence on surroundings, enabling them to colonize unfavorable areas, and fostering a maternal instinct. Learn about temperature regulation mechanisms, including migration, hibernation, and clothing.

Heat and Living Beings: Summary (02:18)

Earth's position in relation to the sun supports life, which flourishes between zero and fifty degrees Celsius. Diverse regional temperatures have influenced living beings in terms of size and body temperature regulation mechanisms.

Credits: Heat and Living Beings (00:47)

Credits: Heat and Living Beings

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Heat and Living Beings

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Heat—it is what makes Earth inhabitable. From the torrid tropics to the glacially cold polar regions, Earth experiences varying levels of heat on different parts of the globe. With different climates come species that have creatively used the natural temperature to their advantage. In this program, learn the factors that determine temperature, how changes in temperature affect different living things, how life on land adapted itself to vastly different habitats on our planet, and so much more!

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