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Fresh Water: Introduction (01:32)


Water is the essential substance for life on Earth. All living beings are made of mostly water.

Qualities of Water (02:59)

Water is made of one oxygen and two hydrogen atoms. Learn about exceptional chemical characteristics, including ice buoyancy and latent heat. It is a universal solvent, transporting nutrients to organisms. Plankton produces 80% of Earth’s oxygen.

Water and Living Beings (01:23)

Life depends on water; organisms are made mostly of water. We need trace minerals and salts in fresh water; chemically pure water would be deadly to drink.

Fresh Water Distribution (03:57)

Oceans cover 75% of Earth's surface; 3% is freshwater and only 1% is available for human consumption. Learn about the water cycle and farming and industrial use. By 2050, 4,000 million people will lack water access—causing a water crisis.

Rainwater is No Longer Enough (03:15)

Fertile land and groundwater are being depleted at unsustainable rates. Many countries suffer water shortages; farming is the main consumer. Solutions lie in desalination technology, improved irrigation methods, and slowing population growth.

Fresh Water: Summary (03:11)

Living beings require water for survival; learn about its chemical characteristics. Only 1% is available for human consumption; inefficient farming methods and demographic growth contribute to water shortages. Desalination technology and increased efficiency are important for avoiding famine.

Credits: Fresh Water (02:23)

Credits: Fresh Water

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Fresh Water

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What is the most important natural substance to humans? Water! In its liquid state, water is the most abundantly found element in the biosphere—and is also the most important element for life itself. It dissolves substances without chemically reacting to them, it has high "latent heat," and has several other extremely important characteristics for sustaining life. Learn about the seas' role in the biosphere, details about fresh water resources, and the threat of water shortages.

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