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The Energy of Life: Introduction (02:11)


Everything in nature is formed by or needs energy; it is present in all space and time scales and is the most fundamental element of the universe. However, it is not a substance or a physical thing.

Energy and Living Beings (02:40)

Plants convert solar energy to food for animal species. Learn about metabolic rate, animal size, and lifespan. Upon death, organisms stop processing energy but bacteria and fungi use their remains for energy production.

Energy and Cells (04:19)

Hear how chlorophyll enables plants to convert luminous energy to chemical energy in photosynthesis. Sugar and fat molecules accumulate in the body; learn about ATP in cells. Organisms use ATP and oxygen to produce energy and release heat.

The Story of Two Cells (03:33)

Some unicellular bacteria, or prokaryotes, that first populated Earth have survived in anaerobic environments. Eventually, bacteria with cell nuclei, or eukaryotes, evolved—making complex life possible. Hear how mitochondria and chloroplasts developed when one bacterium invaded another.

Mitochondria (05:19)

Mitochondria manipulate oxygen to make it release food energy. They have separate DNA; we inherit them from our mothers. They do not recombine but mutate every 10,000 years. Learn about ATP synthesis, free radicals, and aging.

Energy and the Human Body (04:00)

Mitochondria turn food and oxygen into electrical energy. The body mainly uses energy to repair itself from free radical damage. Most energy comes from sugars and fats; the brain uses glucose stored in the liver and transported via blood.

The Energy of Life: Summary (04:33)

Energy is the universe's basic component. Plants produce glucose and oxygen for other living beings. Animals store energy in fats and sugars; cell mitochondria convert food to ATP used to repair DNA damage. The brain requires glucose from the liver.

Credits: The Energy of Life (02:26)

Credits: The Energy of Life

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The Energy of Life

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We are often amazed by the spectacles nature offers us—from the violent eruption of a volcano to the sheer force of a storm. But these events illustrate one of the most fundamental properties of the world that surrounds us: the invisible but constant presence of energy. Explore energy: how it is the basic component of the universe, present within every living being, the force behind all changes, transformations, and movements. In a profound sense, everything is energy.

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