Titles in this Series

The Animal Kingdom

Item #: 155029

Beings and Biodiversity

Item #: 155030


Item #: 155031


Item #: 155032


Item #: 155033

Life in Tropical Regions

Item #: 155034

Mammals: Part 1

Item #: 155035

Mammals: Part 2

Item #: 155036

Marine Life

Item #: 155037

The Other Three Kingdoms of Life

Item #: 155038


Item #: 155039

Size, Shape, and Life: Part 1

Item #: 155040

Size, Shape, and Life: Part 2

Item #: 155041


Item #: 155042

The World of Bees

Item #: 155043

The World of Plants

Item #: 155044

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Just the Facts: Classification of the Living Beings presents the fundamental elements of science. Covering pillars of scientific knowledge, this collection presents a full summary of the biology of life using live footage, historical video clips, and animated graphics. Each video is divided into sections to explore specific themes and concludes with a summary of key points. The award-winning Just the Facts series will intrigue and inform, using language that is easily understandable.

Length: 281 minutes

Item#: BVL155028

Copyright date: ©2013

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