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Turtles and Evolution (05:51)


For many years scientists were unaware of the extraordinary skills of turtles as evolutionary masterpieces; they even have a highly sophisticated language. Brazilian scientists conducted an acoustic investigation in which they discovered unhatched turtles talk to one another and their mothers.

Animal Communication (04:59)

The Arrue River Turtle has its nesting site in the beautiful Rio Trombetas, and some of the turtles swim hundreds of miles just to lay their eggs there. As the turtles dig their nests, the acoustics team is listening to their communication.

Turtles in Religion (07:42)

Turtles are ritually worshipped in some Asian communities; monks at a temple in India are seen caring for several of the small creatures. Scientists are attempting to fertilize giant turtles through the in vitro process before they go extinct.

Tracking the Turtles (03:51)

In the Bangladeshi Breeding Center, the team of scientists prepare to release a group of rare baby turtles into the wild; the tag the turtles with transmitters to track their migrations. The researchers, especially Pashak, hope to save the species from extinction.

Credits: Secrets of Primeval Times (00:23)

Credits: Secrets of Primeval Times

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We long believed they were mute and deaf, but it turns out tortoises can speak! In a fragmented yet refined manner, at low frequencies they are able to communicate across great distances in deep waters and at high frequencies in shallow waters to locate each other. But that is not it—even their embryos "speak" to each other and agree on when to hatch out of their eggs. This program offers a fascinating peak into the most recent research on tortoises, dives right into their language, and shatters some of the prejudice we hold against them. Because tortoises are talkative, fast and, above all, sociable!

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