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Innovative Building Technologies (10:07)


Cities offer more efficient use of infrastructure, resources, and energy. Talik and Jaafar Chalabi discuss their design of the Sheikh Zayed Learning Center in the UAE. Half the world's population lives on 2% of the land and consumes 75% of the world's resources.

Research and Knowledge Transfer (15:31)

Researchers and students develop plus energy houses to compete at the Solar Decathlon in California. Sponsored by The U.S. Department of Energy, finalists compete in ten disciplines. Karolin Schmidbaur describes the issues of urbanization Los Angeles faces.

Building Renovation (10:04)

A construction team renovates the University of Technology's chemistry building into a new solar-plus energy high rise. The Sheikh Zayed Learning Center will soon open to visitors. Masdar City wants to become a global source of knowledge for sustainable practices.

Smart Grids (03:48)

In Kostendorf, the smart regulator controls the town's electricity generation and consumption. Excess electricity is fed back to the grid.

The Social Factor (04:20)

The Rosy Future Project's goals include sustainable practices and reclaiming social capital. Residents saved 15% of energy costs in the first year. The apartment building in Gratz and the chemistry building in Vienna also open.

Credits: Smart Cities (00:01)

Credits: Smart Cities

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At the start of the 20th century, just 10 percent of the world’s population lived in cities. Today this figure already stands at 50 percent. By the end of this century, humanity will be an overwhelmingly urban species. The Urban Age has begun. But what should the cities of the future look like? How should they function? Urban planners are broadly in agreement that they should be green, efficient, technologically advanced, and above all sustainable, and to this end are planning the smart cities of the future.

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