The grand narratives of civilization are undergoing a metamorphosis of historic significance. Drawing upon the insights and experiences of respected theologians, scholars, and authors, this ten-part series addresses the emergence of worldviews that integrate scientific inquiry and spiritual insights while exploring the convergence of a wide range of religious traditions. Participants—a veritable who’s who of contemporary inquiry into esoteric thought—include Huston Smith, Karen Armstrong, James Forbes Jr., Sister Joan Chittister, John Shelby Spong, and many others. 10-part series, 28 minutes each.

Item#: BVL39586

ISBN: 978-1-60467-545-0

Copyright date: ©2007

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“This is an ambitious series with some of the most interesting voices in religion in America today. They take us beyond the current conflicts about religion and politics and show us a hopeful vision of faith based on the deepest longings of heart and mind.”  —Bill Moyers


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