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Buddhist Perspective of Science and Religion (03:24)


Buddhist Alan Wallace of the Santa Barbara Institute for Consciousness Studies discusses the uneasy relationship that exists between religion and science.

Futurist Perspective of Science and Spirituality (04:06)

Author and filmmaker Peter Russell discusses the phenomenon of humankind's ability to practice physics. It is a way in which the universe reflects upon itself through one of its own creations. He discusses science and religion.

New Age and Cosmic Consciousness (03:36)

Philosopher Jacob Needleman discusses scientific knowledge and spiritual truth. He asserted in that human consciousness was between two dreams. Scientific discoveries in outer space gave us "new revelations," a new sense of the sacred.

Scientific Knowledge and Clear Thinking (03:06)

The Dalai Lama continues to dialog about Tibetan Buddhists and Western scientists. He argues that knowledge is a clear understanding of reality. One way to understand reality is through investigation and experimentation.

Synthesis of Science and Spirituality (03:26)

As scientists continue to unveil new views of the universe through ongoing exploration, prevailing views of religion and spirituality are often called into question. What is coming is a synthesis of science and core truths of universal spirituality.

Global Catastrophe (02:39)

If the human race continues its reckless destruction of the earth, it may be uninhabitable within 50 years. Earth may be saved by an overlapping of contrasting worldviews in a revolutionary union of wisdom.

Revolution of Consciousness (04:19)

Experts suggest that the revolution of consciousness in our times is equal to the Copernican revolution of humankind's place in the universe. The human brain does not create consciousness itself.

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Science and Spirituality: Convergence of the Sublimes

Part of the Series : Beyond Theology
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In order for both science and spirituality to coexist in the world, must an individual necessarily place one above the other? Or, if treated as coequals, must the empirical and the intangible always be kept separate, never to intersect? In bringing together proponents of science and spirituality, this program proposes a third course: to encourage the overlapping of these contrasting worldviews in a revolutionary union of wisdom—and by joining strength to strength, facilitate the salvation of the Earth as humankind stands at the brink of global environmental catastrophe. Participants include B. Alan Wallace, of the Santa Barbara Institute for Consciousness Studies; author and futurist Peter Russell; Jacob Needleman, of San Francisco State University; and Sister Joan Chittister. (28 minutes)

Length: 28 minutes

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“This is an ambitious series with some of the most interesting voices in religion in America today. They take us beyond the current conflicts about religion and politics and show us a hopeful vision of faith based on the deepest longings of heart and mind.”  —Bill Moyers


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