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Impact on American Cinema (01:49)


The highly controversial and offensive film by D.W. Griffith titled "The Birth of a Nation" is credited with creating modern American cinema.

Revisionist History (01:51)

Griffith's film attempts to show the impact of reconstruction on the American South following the Civil War. His version of history is revised to match the white supremacist ideals of his time.

D.W. Griffith's Ku Klux Klan (01:41)

The film portrays the formation of the KKK in the South to be an act of self-protection on behalf of the white citizens.

Filmmaking Techniques (02:07)

As a pioneer in the film industry, Griffith is credited with inventing many film techniques including the close-up, but his film editing is how he truly changed the film world.

History of the Reconstruction Conflict (04:07)

Thomas W. Dixon was the white supremacist author whose novels Griffith's movie "The Birth of a Nation" was based on. The two men extracted their history from historically inaccurate folktales passed down by their elders.

Lynching in the South (02:48)

In 1913, a Jewish Northern Leo Frank was lynched by the newest version of the Ku Klux Klan after being convicted of the murder of one of his young employees.

Forgetting "The Birth of a Nation" (01:12)

Film historians describe Griffith's next movie "Intolerance" as the director's apology for the consequences of "The Birth of a Nation," but Griffith never actually apologized for the content of his film.

Credits: The Birth of a Nation (01:08)

Credits: The Birth of a Nation

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Cinematic landmark? Revisionist history? Racist propaganda? The arrival of a new art form? Or was D.W. Griffith's epic civil war film, Birth of a Nation, all of these? This documentary explores all of these angles to what remains, even to this day, the most controversial and polarizing film ever made in America.

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