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Strain Theory (05:25)


This theory is a conflict between cultural values and aspiration in modern societies. Some people resolve the tension of anomie by means of criminal behavior. Learn three limitations of this theory.

Labeling Theory (07:20)

This theory considers why and how some actions are seen as criminal—social reaction. See a theatrical example with Oscar Wilde and Alan Bennett and consider three main theory questions. Learn several limitations of this theory.

Space, Place, and Windows (06:56)

Spaces influence and shape behavior; Philip Zimbardo's car experiment is an example. The basis of Broken Windows Theory is that space communicates behavioral cues; it makes two predictions. Groningen, Netherlands is an example of moving from correlation to causation.

Credits: Social Theory and Crime (00:41)

Credits: Social Theory and Crime

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Social Theory and Crime

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For many criminologists, you can't explain crime just by looking at the characteristics offenders, you also have to consider the role social, cultural & environmental influences. This film brilliantly captures the essence of three of the major social theories of crime and looks at their continuing relevance to the study and control of crime in contemporary societies. Strain Theory and the American Dream looks at application of Merton's theory to consumer societies. Labelling Theory Today documents the switch from crime to social control and looks at the theory's continuing influence on criminology and criminal justice. Place, Space and Broken Windows begins with the question of why most recorded crime is concentrated in very specific areas and looks at research suggesting that it's possible to reduce crime by changing these spaces?

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