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Pediatric Pain Management: Introduction (00:59)


All patients have the right to pain relief. The two basic approaches to treating pain are pharmacological and non-pharmacological.

Non-Pharmacological Pain Management (03:10)

Numerous techniques can help patients cope with chronic, acute, or procedural pain. Learn management methods for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, school-age children, and adolescents. Therapies include cognitive, behavioral, and physical interventions.

Pharmacological Pain Management (04:19)

Learn the analgesic ladder that can be applied to acute and chronic pain management, its advantages and disadvantages, and routes of medication administration. Analgesic efficacy is different between children and adults; PCA provides a steady dose of medication.

Managing Types of Pain (01:57)

Learn goals of care when working with children in acute pain and children experiencing procedural pain. Poorly managed pain can decrease compliance and increase the need for opioids.

Credits: Pediatric Pain Management: Treating Pediatric Pain (00:50)

Credits: Pediatric Pain Management: Treating Pediatric Pain

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Pediatric Pain Management: Treating Pediatric Pain

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This program provides healthcare personnel with the necessary techniques to utilize when treating pediatric pain, as well as working with children to explain it. Comparing and contrasting the different types of non-pharmacological pain treatments, it also examines pharmacological pain treatments best for pediatric patients of all ages. The program examines cognitive, behavioral, and physical interventions as non-pharmacological therapies for pain; discusses the three-step analgesic ladder for the management of cancer pain; and teaches techniques for managing different types of pain.

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