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Examples of New Technology (02:52)


A study showed less than 20% of nursing time is spent on patient care activities and 7% on patient observation. Utilizing new technology may create a more effective work environment. Examples include: mobile computers, tablets, virtual office visits, tele-health abilities, patient portals, and e-prescribing.

Software Technologies (03:21)

Electronic health records assemble information about a patient's needs and care, and allow data to be efficiently recorded and accessed; nurses must receive training. The TIGER program outlines critical nurse competency in informatics technology.

Components of Practice (01:22)

Nurses should be able to transform data into knowledge. The three components of informatics with increasing complexity are data, information, and knowledge.

The Informatics Specialty (05:52)

An informatics nurse (IN)is a registered nurse with informatics experience; an informatics nurse specialist (INS) has formal graduate informatics education. Learn the roles and responsibilities of these professionals, and elements of project management.

Roles of the Nursing Informatics Executives (01:12)

The impact of technology extends beyond patient care and workflow. Informatics nurses with management experience can help improve the healthcare system.

How Informatics Affects Nursing (06:29)

Technology enhances safety, quality, and efficacy of health care; nurses must have a basic understanding of informatics. Learn ways informatics is beneficial in the clinical setting

Patient Education (03:12)

Informatics allows patients to be a part of their health care team. Learn identification tips for trustworthy online sites.

Credits: Essential Nursing Informatics: Impact on Nursing (01:21)

Credits: Essential Nursing Informatics: Impact on Nursing

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Essential Nursing Informatics: Impact on Nursing

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Technological advances have improved different sectors within society and informatics has done this for nursing. This improvement has led to better systems that leave less margin for error and its impact can be seen within the field of nursing. This program provides overview of the essential elements of nursing informatics and how informatics can be used with a focus on patient care. It examines the Technology Informatics Guiding Education Reform (TIGER) guidelines, differentiates the roles of an informatics nurse (IN) and an informatics nurse specialist (INS), and looks at the role of INs as project managers.

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