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Introduction: The Truth about Risk (02:15)


As a child, dangers seem fun. After fake risk assessments led to a tragic war in Iraq, Robert Lang decides to examine the truth about taking risks.

Understanding Risk (03:32)

David Speilgelhalter compares types of risks using a mathematical equation at Cambridge University. A micromort is a one in a million chance of death from an activity. It is safer to drive a car than a bicycle.

Rational Daredevil (06:18)

Will Gadd describes why he performs risks as an adventure athlete. He fails at a daredevil maneuver at least half the time and now analyzes an extreme activity first. Complex problems are the most interesting; thinking negative consequences through ultimately determines a success rate.

Habits and Vices (04:45)

As a teen, Lang drives home drunk and smokes. Microlife measures chronic risk as a half an hour of your adult life. Speilgelhalter describes how half a day of exercising gains extra time on your life.

Me to We (03:07)

Lang purchases a rural farm near a uranium nuclear reactor after discovering an individual was shot and killed in his neighborhood.

Radiation (08:10)

Background radiation occurs naturally. Low-level radioactive waste is all over Port Hope. Fiona McNeill provides a tour of the reactor at McMaster University and explains why the radiation will not hurt a human; water acts as a shield.

Facing Risk Together (05:53)

Backcountry skiers and mountain climbers are at risk for dying under an avalanche in Banff National Park. Grant Statham of Parks Canada analyzes the snow for potential issues. Gadd reads the avalanche bulletin each day.

Unknown Unknowns (07:24)

Some people are trying to convince the public that Muslims are unknown unknowns. Germans and Austrians immigrate to Canada during World War II. A bomb erupts at the Boston Marathon finish line killing three people; Bruce Schneier defines security theater.

Think Rethink (07:45)

People will always react out of fear; it is difficult to find balanced information. Dan Kahan studies cultural cognition and why culture style dictates what we think. Lang questions his assumptions about nuclear power.

Credits: The Truth About Risk (01:11)

Credits: The Truth About Risk

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The Truth About Risk

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Crossing the road, eating a burger, climbing a mountain—all have risks involved, but what is their risk factor? Filmmaker Robert Lang is on a mission to find out. He travels across the world meeting the world’s top risk experts, from a Cambridge University statistician to an extreme ice climber, to discover the truth about the risks in all our lives.

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