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Promoting Multiculturalism (06:41)


Imam Uzair's main challenge is dealing with Muslim and non-Muslim extremists, and educating people. For Australia Day, Galila Abdelsalam and her daughter prepare for a barbecue. A billboard showing girls in hijabs sparks an uproar, and Ali Kadri takes many calls that convey extreme positions and misunderstanding.

Wearing the Hijab (05:26)

Asha has two daughters in primary school, one of whom enjoys wearing a hijab. Maryam Salam started wearing a hijab to be visible as a Muslim. Uzair's wife Sharma wears a hijab and niqab; Uzair's family is not rigid in their beliefs.

Addressing Extremism (06:52)

Uzair and his brother discuss a video that voices ISIS's threats against Islamic scholars and Imams. Uzair asserts that extremists misinterpret the Quran and spread fear, but people must speak out against it. Kadri and Robbie Maestracci discuss creating a program to reach Muslim prisoners.

Community Work (05:04)

Uzair visits the home of Galila Abdelsalam, whose husband Emad has cancer. Maestracci and Kadri present their prison program to the mosque and ask for funding. Muslim prisoners are at risk of alienation and turning toward extremist Islamic views.

Islamic Education (02:16)

Islamic school takes place after school; boys and girls learn in separate buildings. Learning traditional knowledge and gaining a deep understanding of the Quran helps keep young people on the right path. The girls learn to read the book and prepare for a test.

First Date and Matchmaking (04:23)

Kadri is focusing on getting fit, finding a wife, and having children. Abdelsalam noticed him talking with a woman, and enjoys being a matchmaker. Kadri meets Sarah and her brother for coffee, and they express optimism about a future relationship.

Prison Chaplaincy Program (02:52)

Maestracci has visited a jail and made a connection with a young prisoner, Jesse, who recently converted to Islam. He brings Jesse to the mosque for the first time.

Forming a Relationship (03:48)

Kadri meets Sarah for a second date, this time with her family. She is concerned that his priority is always work. Kadri and Uzair discuss marriage and the sacrifices he might have to make.

Final Exam (02:07)

Asha's two daughters take their exam; her eldest daughter is the top student. Asha did not have the same opportunities when she was young, so she has high hopes for her children.

Engagement Ceremony (04:58)

Kadri prepares to ask Sarah for her hand in marriage in the presence of their families, during a formal ceremony. The families celebrate together.

Coming Together as a Community (05:21)

The mosque community gathers for Emad's funeral. They look for the new crescent moon which marks the beginning of the month; the ninth moon starts the holy month of Ramadan. Recent terrorist attacks in Europe have shaken the community, but it continues to be optimistic.

Credits: The Mosque Next Door, Episode 3 (09:28)

Credits: The Mosque Next Door, Episode 3

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The mosque tackles extremism at home and abroad, from anti-hijab nationalists to ISIS threats—all the while dealing with the intimate everyday dramas of family life, love, and death.

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