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Bionic Boots (09:30)


Inspired by the fast movement of kangaroos and other animals, Keahi Seymour designed a shoe that replicates the storage of elastic energy in tendons. After hundreds of prototypes, he has developed a model which allows him to run over 20 miles per hour. He hopes to enlighten people about the efficiency and capabilities of the human form for movement.

Brain Enhancement (07:56)

Roy Cohen Kadosh studies the influence of electricity on the brain and how stimulation can improve mathematical ability. After locating the part of the brain which computes math, he stimulates that part while it is engaged in a math problem. Andrew Vladimirov uses a variety of neurostimulators to improve intelligence.

Invisibility (04:15)

Dr. David Smith and his team have developed an invisibility device using metamaterials which are structured to have different properties. He explains how photons hit this kind of object and scatter, making it visible, while microwaves move around it. In an anechoic chamber, an object made of structured plastic is invisible when exposed to microwaves.

Credits: Becoming Superhuman (00:24)

Credits: Becoming Superhuman

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In the UK, an acclaimed scientist has invented a device that will make people smarter. In the United States, a bartender’s invention could make an average human run faster than Usain Bolt.

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